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Confidenx is the most secure platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. With 2FA, SSL, and other advanced storage security policy, Confidenx customers can have peace of mind with their cryptocurrency assets. Your Confidenx account comes with a secure cryptocurrency wallet that can be used to send and receive all of your cryptocurrency.
Who we are

Confidenx is the safest and most secure digital currency trading platform in Nigeria.

"At Confidenx we believe in an inclusive blockchain-based economy where users can access everyday trading, e-commerce and other future services with confidence and sheer trust" So we set out to build a global digital financial institution of the future where innovation is the prime influence to enhance the day to day activities of man.

We have the best trading platform which is user friendly with seamless trading experience, fastest transaction window and amazing customer care service.

Our team is an elaborate group of experienced blockchain experts and professionals in relevant fields of economics and other professions that make our company just the best clique to lead the crypto industry in Africa and beyond.

We have just set out on a mission and we are hopeful to get it a present for you.

Why Confidenx?

Easy to use

Confidenx is a Nigerian cryptocurrency trading platform with an easy-to-use interface, low fees, convenient funding and withdrawal options, and unmatched customer service


Sell bitcoin and ethereum quickly and instantly for cash value in second on our Basic trading platform. Buy/sell crypto in our peer to peer trading. Trade quickly and easily on Confidenx Exchange with other peers, you can enjoy savings with great interest for your crypto or fiat currency and much more you can stake your crypto for more rewards.


95% cold storage policy and 2FA enabled on all transactions.

Fast Transaction

Get verified instantly. Fund, withdraw, buy and sell fast, save, stake and earn rewards and much more learn all the basics of cryptocurrency. No more waiting days to get your digital currency.


Confidenx is a registered trading company by CAC, an entity of the Federal Government of Nigeria


Get responses same day, or give us a call on our readily available customer care number.

No hidden fees

Easy to understand fees, transparent transactions.


Trust is one of the qualities of Confidenx. We do not compromise. We are the true platform you can trust in crypto business in Nigeria