Our Services

We provide the best platform for crypro-friendly transactions and innovations.

Our services include:

Sell crypto to fiat

We buy all your bitcoin, ethereum and USDT and instantly fund your local bank account with naira at the best rate possible

Confidenx peer to peer buy/sell market.

Here, you buy or sell your cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USD) choosing from host of adverts placed by other members willing to do same at competitively cheap rate.

Confidenx Savings.

You save crypto or fiat money for determined period of time and earn accrued interest. You can have your money back with its interest at the end of this period.


Holding your crypto in your wallet for long term gain could be great but what about holding it in our special wallet where it gets you interest on daily, monthly or annual basis and still return you your long term desired goal profit? This compensates you and ensures that even with crypto daily fluctuations that your asset is at work for you always when you aren't trading or risking it. We have flexible and fixed staking, the choice is yours and the features are simply rewarding

Confidenx e-com marketplace

A trustless system (you don't need to trust people before transacting) that ensures that you have all your favorite products and services delivered to your doorstep with so ease and comfort and without heartaches. The name is confidenx, the result is rest of mind with great utility.

Learn everything crypto.

We at confidenx take our members in the hand and show you the world of crypto and all possibilities at making great wealth harnessing the power of blockchain information technology and teaching you each new day through our free cryptocurrency, blockchain and trading center. You need wealth? Then you need learn new information.

Bill Payment

At confidenx, you can buy recharge card, subscribe to DSTV,GOTV etc. You can also pay Electricity bill and many others.